Summer 2016 Eat Clean, Live Clean Challenge- Registration Now Open!


A six week challenge designed to support and encourage you to get healthy!  Contestants will log points based on eating by the rules (no gluten, processed food, or refined sugars), sleeping at least 7 hours a night, exercising (walking counts!), and stretching.  Not only will the point leader at the end of the challenge win a cash prize, but you’ll also be eligible to win smaller prizes along the way!   I’ve found that having a little “skin in the game” helps people stay motivated throughout the challenge.   So, what do you get for the price of admission? Carpe  

  • Encouragement:  Access to a private Facebook group where you can receive tips from challenge veterans
  • Accountability:  All challengers will be paired together (don’t worry, anyone who doesn’t have a partner will be paired up)
  • Structure: A comprehensive list of the compliant food as well as weekly bonus challenges involving anything from meditiation to listening to a podcast.
  • Incentives: The cash prize for the winner is nice, but the REAL incentive is improvements to your waistline, better sleep, and killing it in the gym.  


New to the challenge is the opportunity for any challenger who lives in New Orleans to take advantage of discounted pricing for personalized body composition scan and metobolic health test through DexaFit. You will receive biometric health data such as bone denisty, metabolism rate, and a macronutrient profile designed for your body. Once you have the data, you will use it to compete at the advanced level, and adhereing to your macros will be part of the game! This option is a savings of $100!   What are you waiting for?  Invest in your health now! Learn More or Sign me up!

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