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Member Spotlight: Celeste Haar


If I had to describe Celeste in one word, it would be “involved”.  She is involved with her family and the people she cares about, involved with her business, and, lucky for us, involved with her gym.  Whether it’s grilling meat for our next get together or spending an afternoon building a pull-up rig, both her and her husband Dennis are always willing to help.  The Haar’s are part of the reason we have such an incredible community of people at CrossFit Roux, and Bradley and I are so appreciative of everything they do to support Roux.  They even open their house every Sunday to host a supper club!  Celeste blows me away with her strength.  I remember the day she surprised herself when she pulled a 155 lb deadlift off the ground!  She comes in day after day and does her best with a smile on her face!  Last year she had a serious health scare, and she credits the lifestyle changes she made with her diet and exercise for saving her life.  We’re so grateful that Celeste is apart of our gym!    Tell us about yourself. I’m an aquarius.  I love babies and I hate long walks on the beach…  Just kidding except about the beach.  I HATE SAND.   I just made 40.  I am a wife, mom of 3 (2 teens and a toddler), a business owner, and an avid CrossFitter!   How long have you been a member of CrossFit Roux and why did you start? My husband and I have been members since November 2014.  Back in September 2014 my dad had a really bad health event and I made a deal with God.  My deal was that I would get serious about my health and get healthy if He just gave my dad ONE MORE CHANCE to try to get it right.  Coach Missy is part of our family and I started talking to her about my concerns and she started The Butcher Shop, where a bunch of us worked out in her driveway twice a week.  That’s where my love for Crossfit started.  My first box jump sealed it for me.  I failed miserably and then succeeded. When Missy became a coach at Roux we all transitioned over thanks to Bradley reaching out to us.  It was the best decision we ever made.   What is the biggest change in your body, mindset, and/or life that you’ve noticed since starting CrossFit? There have been so many.  First of all I think has been my confidence.  I am up for so many more challenges in my life ever since.  My weekends used to be full of “Shouldas” – We shoulda done something this weekend but we wasted it.  Now it’s always on the go and usually I am trying to FIND downtime. My body is so strong and I’ve shed tons of inches!     I’ve also made soo many incredible friends and rekindled and strengthened old friendships. My “Crossfit friends”, as my family refers to them, are some of my closest friends.  Without them we wouldn’t have Sunday Supper Club.    What is the biggest take-away that you learned from doing the Challenges? Being conscious of your food to fuel your body is important – every single day.  Trash in, trash out.  I have learned SOO much about nutrition, how it works for MY body and what doesn’t work.  I also now am a Dave Asprey stalker and bulletproof coffee drinker.  I love that stuff. 11738042_10152595129102824_1798903457674990840_n What are 3 specific fitness goals that you have for the coming year? This is really hard for me.   On October 1, 2015 I had a very normal day.  I went to the 5:30 am class at Roux, I worked and had my usual day.  I was not feeling great, but thought nothing of it.  I went to bed like usual around 9.  At about 11:30 I woke up feeling like I had to cough pretty badly.  I felt like I was wheezing and my chest was tight.  I thought maybe I was catching a cold.  I shrugged it off and tried to go back to sleep.  For the next two hours, I was up and down and my breathing was getting worse and worse.  I finally couldn’t lay down AT ALL.  I couldn’t seem to catch my breath- I was drowning.  I got dressed and woke up my husband.  He thought I was having a panic attack but it was getting worse.  We made a trip to the emergency room where they immediately started to try to get my sky high blood pressure under control.  I had JUST been able to eliminate blood pressure meds from my life about 30 days before, working with my doctor, of course.  So I was being brushed off by the doctors as not taking my meds, but it was worse.  Much worse.  I went to ICU, and then to a regular room where I finally met a cardiologist.  Dr. Mailander sat in my room and in front of my husband and kids told me that I was in congestive heart failure from a virus. Believe it or not, my first question to her was if I was going to be able to CrossFit again!  Just the thought of having to give up something that was such a part of my identity was crushing, but the reality is that I have had big changes.  I take a LOT of medication.  I had to wear a defibrillator 24/7 for a couple of months.  My heart function has had some improvement but I’m still sick.  Sometimes I forget and then my body reminds me.  In December I was able to start working Roux back into my life a couple of days a week with my doctor’s clearance.  Now I am back 4-5 days a week. I religiously wear my Fitbit Charge HR that monitors my heart rate to keep it under 130, where my doctor still wants me.   I’m not as strong as I used to be.  Some movements are way too much for me, I row slow, I am up to running 100m at a light jog, and I have to stop some WODs and wait for my heart to slow down a little and sometimes I have to stop altogether.  For a type A personality like me, this has been a life changing experience.   So this year I would like to just keep moving and do what I can and to push that limit but learn to LISTEN to myself.   What is your favorite Roux memory? The Open last year – whatever WOD had push presses. I didn’t think I could keep going and my lovely husband was “yelling” at me to pick it up over and over!  I cracked my chin with the bar on like the second rep and bit my tongue.  I just wanted to drop it and cry.  But he just kept yelling so I did, over and over and over.  I actually wound up beating HIS score that workout.   This ties with Mardi Gras with the Roux Krewe – Schneller style.  You have changed Mardi Gras for my family forever and we are forever grateful.   DSC07083 What is your favorite cheat meal? A REALLY good meal at a fabulous restaurant.  I want it to REALLY be worth it.   What is your favorite and least favorite CrossFit movement/lift? Favorite – back squat because I can go pretty heavy.   Least Favorite – Everyone’s least favorite – SNATCH!  It’s like unnatural. Tell us something that only people who know you really well know about you. I’m pretty much an open book.  If you ask I’ll tell you.  I do have a REALLY bad temper, though.   What do you think is the biggest myth about CrossFit that non-CrossFitters believe? That you have to be “in shape” to do it.  Guess what, FAT IS A SHAPE, a messy, blobby one.  CrossFit is for everyone.   Anything else you’d like to add? CrossFit has saved my life.  I know, dramatic, right?  Not just the workouts, but the challenges and the education about food in general, and the friendships I have.  It helped me make my heart healthy so that the VIRUS that attacked my heart and caused my heart failure didn’t kill me.  I had an angiogram – my arteries are “crystal clear” – that’s what the doctor said.  Nothing.  Zip.  Nada.  It has also strengthened my marriage.  My favorite workout partner is my husband, as long as I don’t have to BE his partner.  We are stronger than ever, and after almost 22 years that’s a lot (and he’s SOO HOT!).  Our date nights often include a WOD and maybe a drink at River Shack.   CrossFit Roux is my Church.  I schedule my time there.  I schedule my life AROUND it.  I don’t work if I’m not working out.  Thank you, Bradley and Emily for what you created.  I’m crying again.   11080517_10152397990032824_11140295251022387_o

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