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#GeorgeandBeyoncé: Our Trip to Portland!


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we’ve been in Portland, Oregon for a few days for a wedding.  Our friends, Joel and Karen, moved to Portland last year and we were so excited to trek to the other side of the country to see these two tie the knot!  Joel was the very first trainer that we hired at CrossFit Roux and Karen got her certification a few months later and we hired her too!  We miss them, but they seem to be fitting in perfectly in Portland!   I had never been to Portland before, but I knew that it was a foodie mecca!  Despite starting the Eat Clean, Live Clean challenge the week prior, I decided to throw the rules out the window and live it up while I was there!  The six pack will have to wait– this town is known for their donuts!  So, sorry for the tease challengers! We started our adventure at Powell’s book store which is the largest new and used independent bookstore in the world- purchasing up to 3,000 used books a day!  This place was HUGE, but I was disappointed when they didn’t have a paleo section in their vast collection of cook books!  One of the employees overheard me and told me it was upstairs in the health section– makes sense!  Brennan got 3 souvenir books!   DSC05997 We spent some time in Washington Park at the International Rose Garden and the Japanese Garden.  The scenery was  incredible!    DSC06022  My mom is retired from Delta and gets flight benefits, so she and my dad offered to come to Portland to help us watch Brennan during the wedding!  Thanks Mom and Dad!!!  Bees were very happy in the garden, and it seemed every time stopped to smell the roses, we would narrowly miss a bee stinging us on the end of the nose!    DSC06027 We had an awesome experience at Mt. Tabor CrossFit!  After a grueling WOD of running with med balls, burpees, handstand push ups, and pull ups, one of their members offered to donate towards their cider fund on our behalf!  This gym has a keg of cider at the gym and members can donate to purchase the next keg and help themselves!  Bradley joked that if we had that at Roux, no one would ever leave!  I think he’s right!   IMG_0590 IMG_0583 This has been the summer of waterfalls!  We drove about 30 minutes outside of Portland to see Multnomah Falls.  This was great because seeing the waterfall didn’t require a lengthy hike– it was only a 5 minute walk from the parking lot!   DSC06122 We were up for the challenge though and climbed the mile hike up the mountain to get to the top!  Bradley carried all 30 pounds of Brennan the whole way! IMG_0615 The top of the waterfall had a perch where you could step out and peer over the 611 foot drop, and we got to dip our toes into the icy water.  Brrr!  DSC06134 IMG_0636 ^  My arms in this picture though!   OK!  Now, onto the food!   We happily waited 30 minutes to dine at chef Andy Ricker’s Pok Pok.  We went to this place on a week day at 2:30 and there was still a wait!   DSC06050 DSC06051 This Thai restaurant had a very cool vibe, and I appreciated their speedy service when dealing with a very hungry toddler!  I ordered the Hoi Thawt which was a crispy crepe full of mussels and bean sprouts served with a Siracha sauce!  It was delicious!  One of my mom’s chicken wings in at the top right of my plate. Those guys were the perfect mix of sweet and spicy, but they required a boat-load of napkins!  My one complaint was the water!  It was served to us in metal cups and tasted very off!  We requested a bottle of sparkling water because we thought the water was bad.  While I was reading the FAQs on their website, I found out that they flavor their water with the Pandanus leaf, as is done often in Northern Thailand.  Fair warning though, a bottle of water may be necessary!    DSC06052 My parents offered to watch Brennan while Bradley and I had a date night to celebrate our 7th anniversary!   I asked him what kind of food he wanted, and he said MEAT!  Haha!  I chose Olympia Provisions which is a salumeria that had a “meat” marquis sign in the dining room– I aim to please!  We had a burrata and arugula salad with roasted figs and local cherries, a steak tartar, chef’s choice charcuterie board, and then we split a Flintstone size prime rib!  IMG_0622 IMG_0623 IMG_0624 And of course, Rosé for the yuccies!  Cheers!    IMG_0621 We ended date night with ice cream from Salt and  Straw!  I loved their flavor selection and I was happy when I saw the coconut strawberry rhubarb because it made my choice easy!  These people know how to make ice cream!  So good!IMG_0632 IMG_0637 We hit up the local farmers market on Saturday morning!  I loved that the food was served on reusable dishes with real flat wear– Portland is so environmentally friendly! !DSC06053 DSC06062 DSC06063 We stumbled on Vita Cafe for brunch because the place we picked out had a line that wrapped around the corner!  This place was great because it was a vegan restaurant that had something for everyone!  A vegan restaurant with eggs and bacon?  Sign me up!  We later found out it’s one of Joel and Karen’s favorites because she’s vegan and he’s not and they can go there and both find something they love!   DSC06117 DSC06115 DSC06114 I saved the best for last– the wedding!  Every detail of this insanely beautiful event was perfectly executed and it was very “them”!  We drove up a winding mountain road and arrived at Bridal Veil Lakes.  Y’all- this was the most breathtaking venue for a wedding!  We passed the garland of photographs and were offered love flavored kombucha or cool brew as we sat and listened to their adorable band play La Vie En Rose.   DSC06070 DSC06072 DSC06073 Their program was so fun to read and at the bottom it said:  “Celebrating from afar, George (their cat) and Beyoncé (Karen’s idol)”.  So, we started hash-tagging all of our pictures #GeorgeandBeyoncé! DSC06075 As Karen came down the aisle, I looked at Bradley and said, “Oh my gosh, why am I crying?”  It was literally just THAT beautiful!  She looked like a fairy princess in her ever so subtle mint green gown!   DSC06083 The ceremony was complete with a sing along of “I want to Hold Your Hand” and the newly married couple recessed up the aisle to Beyoncé (of course)!   DSC06089 IMG_0031  DSC06098 DSC06099  IMG_0618 We ate too many vegan donuts and danced the night away! I can’t wait to see the professional photographs because I feel like my amateur skills didn’t come close to capturing the beauty of this place! I’m a single parent for the next week while Bradley is in California with the Barbell Shrugged team at the CrossFit Games!  I’m super jealous and trying to convince him to write a blog post about it!   Where are y’all watching the games this weekend??   

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  • Logan Can 07/27/2015 at 5:52 pm

    I’ve always wanted to visit Portland! I love waterfalls and my husband and I love to hike to a few waterfalls here in Alabama! I’m glad you had a great time! The wedding looks gorgeous and all of that food is making me hungry! haha

    • Emily Schneller 07/27/2015 at 10:32 pm

      Thanks for the comment Logan!

  • Aleshea Dominique 07/28/2015 at 1:33 pm

    Oh my this looks like fun. Portland is on my list to visit. And that weddin’ looks so fab

  • Emerald 08/03/2015 at 2:53 pm

    First off let me just say your arms are awesome! I wish I had toned arms like you so I could look killer in a tank top. You go girly! Happy you all had a fun time and the wedding looked beautiful.

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