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Registration is now open for the January Eat Clean, Live Clean Challenge!  The challenge will be a condensed version running from January 4th- January 31st (translation:  if you live in Louisiana, you can enjoy some beer and Popeye’s chicken on Mardi Gras and not lose points)!   What:  A challenge designed to support and encourage you to get healthy!  Contestants will log points based on eating by the rules (no gluten, processed food, or refined sugars), sleeping at least 7 hours a night, exercising (walking counts!), and stretching.  The point leader at the end of 4 weeks will receive a cash prize! Where:  You can participate from anywhere- it’s all virtual! How much:  The fee to participate is $40.   January is the perfect time for new beginnings!  Who’s ready to invest in their health?   To register for the challenge click here. Questions?  Click here to find out more and get answers to some commonly asked questions!   What are people saying about past challenges? My first challenge, completed over 4 months ago, quite simply, changed my life. It changed the way I view food, the way I shop at the grocery, the way I spend money on food and how I look and feel. I am a happier person when I take care of myself and this challenge makes it so easy to do so. That’s not to say it wasn’t initially a “challenge” in every sense of the word. I had to change everything I thought I knew about “health.” Once I embraced the challenge, I saw my life change. Physically, I became stronger, leaner and my clothes got looser. Mentally, I felt more alert and clear headed. I will never go back to the way I used to feed my body. I do live in New Orleans so of course, I will indulge occasionally. But I love the way I feel too much on the challenge to feed my body fake food on a regular basis. Thank you Emily and Bradley for introducing me to this way of life, I am better because of it.  –Amanda  B.

After spending the better part of 5 years pregnant, nursing and with tiny humans crawling all over me, I felt as weak and tired as I had in years. The sleepless newborn nights – and justification that nursing burns a gazillion calories – meant that I often ate whatever was quick, easy and comforting. I also fell into the trap of regularly eating the kids’ leftovers. Macaroni and cheese? Yum. Grilled cheese? Even better. Because I have a small frame and am blessed (cursed?) with a fast metabolism, on the outside I physically looked okay … but I felt like absolute crap.
In July 2015 after spending 3 weeks at the beach eating and drinking everything in site, I was done with feeling bloated, tired and weak. I decided to give the Eat Clean challenge a whirl, giving up Diet Coke cold turkey. I went to my first CrossFit class on the first day of the challenge and didn’t die, and the rest of my journey is kind of history. 
My husband and I are both former athletes, but the stress and exhaustion of adding 3 tiny humans to our house in 4 years, launching my own home-based business and my husband changing firms was enough to send anyone over the edge. After 6 months of clean eating, we can confidently say that this is genuinely now our lifestyle. We are both addicted to CrossFit as well … but that is a total unexpected side benefit that emerged from the challenge. I am stronger, I fit comfortably in all of my clothes, and most importantly I just feel plain good! The challenge changed many bad habits, forcing us – in a good way – to focus on ourselves and our health so that we can keep up with and enjoy our children for many years to come.
And? It is pretty awesome to see people’s reaction when I tell them I have 3 kids. After all, those 3 kids are the reason I want to be as healthy and mindful of my choices as I can be, not only for how much better I feel but also because the way we think about and interact with food and exercise starts at a very young age. I am determined to make sure my kids know that their health is always worth prioritizing.
–Ashley A. 


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