Dirty thirty in Idaho


We spent last week on vacation in Island Park, Idaho with my family. We rented a cabin just west of Yellowstone National Park and we had so much fun!

DSC05821We spent 3 days in the park and we saw some incredible things! Old Faithful, which apparently is getting less faithful, was amazing.



We saw the geyser go off twice—once on the ground and once from the deck of the Old Faithful Inn. The inn is spectacular and is the largest log hotel in the world. It’s a must see if you’re there!

DSC05718DSC05720 DSC05722


After seeing the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, it’s easy to see how the park got its name—yellow rock as far as you can see.

DSC05807 DSC05808Brennan’s language skills exploded on the trip. He’d point out the window and say “animals” and “mountains”! We saw bison, elk, and even a moose! It was so strange to see a bison crossing the road and to be so close to the animals without them being afraid.IMG_0356My favorite thing we saw was the Grand Prismatic Spring. We hiked up the steep side of the mountain to get a view from above which was a little interesting while toting a toddler. The view was breathtaking!

DSC05791 11406141_10153085270220805_6801256721817165342_oThe colors are a result of bacteria and minerals in the water. It was definitely a wow moment! Brennan said “hot wawa” (translation: hot water) about 50 thousand times. He made sure we all knew not to touch!


DSC05772 DSC05750I always tell new moms that my must have baby item is a good carrier.  We’ve been carrying Brennan around in this Boba carrier since he was an infant.  I will be so sad when he doesn’t fit anymore!  

DSC05745When we weren’t in the park we were kayaking, fishing, or horseback riding. 

IMG_0358 IMG_0364 IMG_0380We had an exhausted little boy at the end of every day, but I’m so happy he got to experience all that he did.IMG_0350While we were there, we celebrated my 30th birthday! It feels a little weird to be 30—I keep wondering when I’ll actually feel like a grown up- ha! Brennan told me “Happy day to you” and my family decorated the cabin and prepared a feast!


We had tri tip and pineapple prepared on the grill, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, beets, and strawberry salad. Tri tip is less common in the south, but it’s my favorite cut of beef. It was so yummy and perfectly cooked!

DSC05855 DSC05854

The gigantic chocolate cake was completely polished off!

DSC05816Thanks to my awesome family for all the prizes and thoughtfulness—I feel so special and loved!


My family and my aunt’s family totaled 17 adults and 8 children, so the food prep was insane for that many people. Luckily my cousin is the most organized person in the world and she accommodated everyone’s food intolerances, allergies, and picky kids. I’m pretty sure we could have survived there for over a month though. So.Much.Food! I learned that my willpower is definitely in the grocery store, because it was so hard to resist all the cookies, cakes, brownies, and rice crispy treats in the house. My ratio of clean versus indulgent foods was definitely more on the 60:40 side rather than the usual 80:20. I did my best to eat clean, but I’m so ready for the Eat Clean Live Clean challenge coming up in July! Stay tuned!

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