about2I’m Emily, and welcome to Eat Clean & Jerk! I wear a lot of hats—Mom and wife, CrossFit gym owner, CPA, opera singer, and now blogger! I met my husband, Bradley, at Louisiana State University where we were both studying music. After undergrad we moved to New Orleans, and I went back to school to get my masters in Arts Administration. Long story short, I decided to switch gears to accounting of all things. I like to say that I’m a very strange combination of my mother who is the most creative person I know and my father who is the most analytical person I know… and the opera singing CPA is born! My dad, an avid reader, gave my husband the book the Primal Blueprint. My husband had spent his life overweight despite being pretty active. Bradley read the book and that’s how we discovered paleo and CrossFit. We started CrossFit at a local gym and quickly drank the Kool-Aid. We opened CrossFit Roux in May of 2013 while we were expecting our first child, and we have since fostered an amazing community of people. It has been a crazy road learning how to be parents and entrepreneurs all at once, but I wouldn’t change a thing! Since moving to Louisiana, I have become a huge foodie. The food of New Orleans is part of the reason I love this city so much! My son, Brennan Luke, is named after New Orleans restaurants, and my black lab, Chicory, is named for the coffee so popular in NOLA. While I love eating paleo, I take the 80/20 rule pretty darn seriously. For the most part, I cook paleo and I eat whatever I want when I go out. I love this balance because I don’t feel deprived of the foods I love, and yet I still look pretty darn good naked! I do think everyone should get in touch with their bodies and avoid the foods that they’re sensitive to; I just happen to be lucky enough to have an “iron stomach” as my husband calls it. I started this blog not only to have a creative outlet but also to give our gym members a resource for the challenges that we organize. All of the recipes featured on the blog are challenge approved (gluten, refined sugar and artificial ingredient free) and most are paleo. Thanks again for visiting and I hope you will follow along! Questions? Contact me via the contact form below!

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